Low Back and Disc Pain

back painWe offer a COMPREHENSIVE approach for sciatica, back and disc pain sufferers. The approach is functional- it addresses and reverses the underlying causes of back pain, thus creating long lasting relief without the need of dangerous surgeries, loss of time with family, or time away from work.

One of the biggest mistakes with low back treatments is not treating ALL potential components of the problem SIMULTANEOUSLY. This is the MOST CRITICAL and most common mistake made.

There are FOUR individual components of sciatica, disc and back pain that contribute to the overall problem. These FOUR components are:

1. Neurological: the neurologic component of back pain and sciatica refers to the nerves and spinal cord. In sciatica the nerves that exit the spine become ENTRAPPED and INFLAMED … often in several different areas. The nerve can by affected by misaligned joints (see #3), muscles in spasm (see #2), and by inflammation around the nerve (see #4)

2. Muscular: when muscles become imbalanced, due to injury or from demands placed on them from work or hobbies, the muscles begin to pull on the spinal bones unevenly and eventually will pull them out of alignment. This muscular component can create abnormal stresses that over time contribute to the problem and will start to cause actual damage in the spine.

3. Skeletal/Joint: this refers to the bones in the back. Back pain and sciatica often involves a misalignment of the joints in the spine or in from the joints getting stuck and not moving properly. If the pain is coming from the joints then a failure to address this will NOT eliminate the pain.

4. Inflammatory: the last component is inflammation. We mentioned this previously but when the joints in the spine become stuck and misaligned and the muscles are spasming around the joint the result is often inflammation.

A key point to remember, is that any of the four components can affect the other components. The neurology affects muscular function; the muscle function affects mobility of joints (skeletal); inflammation can irritate the nerves…and so on…you get the idea.

The problem with most treatment approaches is that the treatment will focus on just one or two of the components while COMPLETELY IGNORING the others.

This failure of the doctors to look at the big picture and treat ALL OF THE COMPONENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY results in patients suffering LONGER, treatments costing MORE MONEY, and in many cases will result in patients getting UNNECESSARY SURGERY.

Anybody that suffers with sciatica or back pain for longer than a week or two or who has reoccurring pain episodes SURELY has at LEAST TWO of the components and many times ALL FOUR involved in creating their pain!

We have found that the ONLY way to create long lasting pain relief is to ensure that ALL FOUR components of the problem are treated SIMULTANEOUSLY. Most clinics are not equipped to handle all FOUR components so often things get overlooked because the doctor or clinic doesn’t have the capacity to deal with certain parts of the problem and they assume that THEIR WAY is going to fix the problem.

Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, we evaluate all four components and then according to our examination findings apply the most appropriate treatment.  We may apply brain-based therapies, laser therapy, neuromuscular re-education, spinal adjustments or acupuncture. And don’t worry, if you are afraid of needles, we can stimulate points with laser, microcurrent, or techniques of acupressure.


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