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Extremity Pain

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Addressing the CAUSE of your health challenges...

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“The brain and nervous system dictate ALL functions of the body and, if working optimally, gives you the best chance of staying healthy and reaching your potential. I specialize in addressing the nervous system’s role in your overall health and bodily function. I use the most contemporary, evidenced-based evaluation and treatment approaches of applied clinical neuroscience and clinical nutrition to rehabilitate the nervous system. This treatment approach in turn enhances bodily function and metabolism.”

Dr. David Schiller

Customized Treatment

After a comprehensive examination which includes state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, we customize a treatment program that addresses the exact areas of dysfunction. By utilizing the principle of neuroplasticity, we are able to optimize your nervous system function. This result is accomplished through what are known as
“receptor-based” or “brain-based” therapies.

To fully address your entire health picture, we also use Clinical Nutrition to address the essential and crucial nutritional needs of your nervous system and other bodily functions. An optimally functioning nervous system requires proper fuel (oxygen and glucose) and needs to be operating within an environment free from persistent inflammation.

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