Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

When your blood is analyzed by any lab, your results are compared to a lab range.  This lab range is derived from the average of all the people that came through that lab.  There are patients with high blood sugar and low blood sugar, high thyroid function and low thyroid function, high cholesterol and low cholesterol…you get the idea.  From all of the readings from all of the people they create a bell curve. You remember those from your school days. As a result, the ranges are so broad that everyone looks normal.

On the other hand, a functional blood chemistry analysis compares your results to a set of standards derived from healthy subjects: patients with no disease or symptoms.  This functional range is considered optimal.  It is a range that is more narrow and therefore problems can be detected much earlier than using the ranges from a standard lab analysis.  This avoids the common comment, “why do I still have _____________ when my lab tests are normal?” ( You can virtually put almost any health problem in that blank space and it will work.)

My analysis will include a computer generated report that reviews the findings from this functional assessment.  The analysis will start the process of initial dietary changes, supplement recommendations, lifestyle interventions and/or further testing.  After an initial treatment regime, you will be re-evaluated in no more than 3 months.

I use Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis because when it comes to being healthy, FUNCTION is king!

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