Chiropractic Treatment

smtOur approach with Chiropractic Care is to influence not only SPINAL BIOMECHANICS and its relationship to local neurological effects in the spine, but to influence the brain and the entire nervous system.  Certainly, the application of spinal adjustments (which most in the medical world refer to as spinal manipulation) can effect pain syndromes, muscular function, gait and movement patterns etc. In addition, as a Chiropractic Neurologist, we are interested in the effects of that spinal adjustment on spinal receptors (mechanoreceptors, muscle spindles) and their influences to the cerebellum and eventually to the cortical areas. This is achieved over a pathway called the Spinocerebellar Tract. This pathway in the nervous system travels from those local spinal receptors up to the cerebellum through the brainstem and up into the cortical areas of the brain which then have the ability to influence many functions including the autonomic nervous system, balance, postural, vestibular, etc.

We also use Instrument Based Spinal Adjustments.  We actually have 3 different systems of instruments and utilize them according impulse smtto patient need and what we feel will produce the best result. One of them, the IMPULSE IQ, is a computer assisted correction. There are sensors in the instrument which gives audio and visual feedback to the doctor as to whether the movement of the segment treated has changed its mobility. The instrument also automatically shuts off if the correction was successful. The ultra gentle adjustment is comfortable to patients both young and old. Results of the instruments’ effects has been published in various peer reviewed journals and is therefore evidenced-based.

Our concern when adjusting your spine and extremities as a Chiropractic Functional Neurologist is that if there are imbalances within brain function, the practitioner needs to be cognizant of this fact and take this information into consideration when coordinating your treatment plan.  This can certainly make a positive difference in the outcome of the treatment. If you are receiving care from a chiropractic physician you should consider whether the doctor takes this information into consideration.

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