Receptor-Based Therapy

How Do We Exercise/Rehabilitate BRAIN EXERCISE RECEPTORthe Brain? (click to enlarge)

Image above by Plasticity Brain Center, Orlando, FL

To put it simply: There are communication loops between our brain and our body over the nervous system.  The objective is to find where the interference lies and to reduce it. The interference or malfunction can be anywhere within the nervous system. A Functional Neurologist/Chiropractic Neurologist is trained to assess the entire nervous system. The more specific as to the location of the malfunction/lesion, the more effective the results of thecorrection.

As a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist (DACNB), I apply principles of Clinical Neuroscience to optimize neurological function. I recognize that the spine is not the only location to influence the brain and it’s function.  Any input/stimulus into the nervous system can influence the function of the brain and therefore the ENTIRE function of the body.  As a result, I utilize Receptor-Based Therapy (see the first image on this page) to enhance the function of this master system.  This could involve eye movements, visual/light stimulation, auditory or sound, colored filters (glasses of different colors), vibration, balance exercises, interactive metronome, cold laser or any stimulus that influences the nervous system to promote Neuroplasticity in the neuronal pathways that are compromised.  Through our Neurological and Physical Examination as well as the in depth case history we are able to localize areas to be treated.

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Who developed Receptor Based Therapy?

Receptor Based Therapy is a clinical, functional neurological protocol developed by Dr. Ted Carrick, the country’s leading chiropractic neurologist and chiropractic’s only neurological fellow. The Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies offers classes internationally and helps patients around the world with severe neurological disorders.  I studied at Dr. Carrick’s institute and hold a Diplomate (Board Certification) in Chiropractic Neurology from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (visit for more information). I also was Fellowship trained in traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation by Dr. Carrick.  I was then certified by the American College of Functional Neurology as a fellow in brain injury and rehabilitation (FABBIR-Fellow, American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation). I continue to further my education year in and year out in Clinical Neuroscience and Functional Neurology principles through the Carrick Institute and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (  in order to hone my skills to help my patients (you can visit the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies at

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