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Hello and welcome you to my website!  My approach to improving your health does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery and truly addresses the entire person.  The majority of health challenges have a functional origin- CAUSED by a malfunction in the body. Fatigue, insomnia, migraines, digestive disturbances, neck pain, hormonal imbalances, vertigo/dizziness, back and leg pain, thyroid problems to name a few, are due to malfunctions in the body. If your child has ADD, ADHD, dyslexia or is on the autistic spectrum, a drug is not going to fix the imbalance that exists in the brain.  FUNCTIONAL PROBLEMS REQUIRE FUNCTIONAL APPROACHES OR TREATMENTS.

As a Functional/Chiropractic Neurologist I include the ENTIRE nervous system, especially the brain, in the analysis of the individual.  Balancing of brain function, can immensely and positively influence the immune, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, genitourinary and respiratory systems.  This Functional Neurological approach along with metabolic analysis utilizing Functional Medicine/Nutrition, allows me to address health problems that have been plaguing my patients for decades in which mainstream medicine, natural practitioners, or other traditional chiropractors have not been able to help.  I identify where the body is malfunctioning both neurologically (THE master system) and metabolically (your inner chemistry). Using this dual approach addresses the  systems that can optimize function and release your potential to heal completely.  With the addition of acupuncture, you now have an approach to healing that coordinates all of the communication systems in the body: neurological, metabolic, and energetic.

My clinic is located in the town of Avon, but we serve the entire Farmington Valley and beyond.  We care for patients in the surrounding towns of Simsbury, Canton, West Hartford, Farmington, Burlington, Granby, and New Hartford.  My patients come  from all over the state of Connecticut and beyond.  In addition to Connecticut, my patients live in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois.

If you would like to talk to me one-one-one, to the right, you should see where you can sign up for a complimentary phone consultation. There is no obligation or charge and I will be happy to address the questions and concerns you have.   My goal is to be the detective that other doctors don’t have the time nor the experience to be, to get to the bottom of your health challenges.

Yours In Health,

David Schiller, DC, DACNB, CCSP, FIAMA
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture